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Vertical Market Solutions

DOCOsoft has deployed many different business solutions and has a proven track record in various vertical markets.  We use our industry experience to provide a best practice approach, enabling your organisation to benefit from our pedigree of system implementation experience. Our straight forward upgrade path strategy ensures system longevity and provides a future-proof migration path to additional modules and software versions.

Example Solutions are:

  • Integrated underwriting systems with Document Management Functionality
  • Linked accounting systems with visual access to all paperwork.
  • Reservation systems with content searching and high speed on demand retrieval.
  • Web based Dynamic Ship Cargo management solutions with remote access.
  • Complex Construction Project Management Systems.
  • Engineering Facility Management solutions.

Sample DOCOsoft applications in various vertical markets:


  • Management of insurance documentation as well as integration with incumbent underwriting software.
  • Claims Management solutions
  • Claims Workflow solutions
  • Bespoke scanning applications on multi-functional copier with back-end insurance systems integration


  • CD Bibles applications with built in mini document management system
  • Management of legal contracts

Financial Services

  • Banking
  • Management of invoicing in Finance Department.
  • Securities
  • Management of vendor contract information in Purchasing Department.
  • Shareholder Service Provider
  • Management of shareholder documents for a UK-based call centre.


  • Management of CAD and A0 scanned drawings.


  • Management of contracts, customer order forms, delivery notes and associated invoices.


  • Order management.


  • Management of student records.
  • Facilities management.

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