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DOCOsoft - Enabling Real Time Claims Handling

01 October 2014

Market Leaders DOCOsoft are participating in the ECF Enhancement Programme on the Write Back Working Group to build an all-encompassing claims management solution empowering claim handling from one system.

Write Back will allow the claims agreement party to operate entirely from within their own systems to review and respond to claims without direct recourse to the central systems provided by Xchanging.

Write Back forms part of the ECF Enhancement Programme approved by the AAC on 22nd May 2014. This is a programme of work that will seek to close the remaining functional gaps in ECF through delivering a series of strategic architectural building blocks. As well as reducing the future cost and effort of system change, these building blocks will lay the foundation for delivery of the Market strategy being defined under the CSRP programme including the delivery of a Common Core Record and full ACORD processing.

Write Back will probably be one of the most important changes in the London Insurance market since electronic claims handling was introduced back with the original ECF1 system.

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