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08 January 2018

The DOCOsoft User Community held its second (Winter) 2017 meeting in the ACORD Auditorium on 6th December 2017. The packed agenda item focused on the latest market changes, an early outline of a community technology Roadmap, and discussions that centered on CSRP, GDPR, IMR, Robotics and Version 8.0 of the DOCOsoft CMS. As if that wasn’t enough there were also guest presentations from Tim Pledger, CSRP SME, London Market Group and Trevor Maddison, Director of Membership, ACORD.

The meeting kicked off with the news that Pembroke, Barbican and Channel are now live on the DOCOsoft Write Back CMS. DOCOsoft is also involved in a number of market initiatives focusing on CSRP, GDPR, and Brexit. Meanwhile, the team has expanded in Dublin with Lawrence Smith and Jonathan McGraw joining our client-focused London Team.

Lawrence joined DOCOsoft in November 2017 in the role of a Business Analyst/Marketing Assistant. On the analysis side, Lawrence brings knowledge and experience of the insurance industry, having worked in claims for over 5 years. Previously to DOCOsoft, Lawrence specialised in marine claims adjusting. Initially starting his claims career with Tokio Marine Kiln, spending almost 4 years there, he most recently worked for W E Cox Claims Group - a specialised TPA for marine claims adjusting and recoveries.  Lawrence is CII certified and currently studying towards a degree in computer technology.

Jonathan joined DOCOsoft in January 2018 in the role of a Business Developer in the London office. Jonathan is an experienced London market Insurance professional having worked as a broker, coverholder and underwriter for over 10 years. Jonathan is ACII qualified. Since 2014, Jonathan has been working as an Insurance consultant and more recently as a Business Analyst at a company specialising in London market Insurance software. Jonathan has joined DOCOsoft's London team to further strengthen the existing teams Project Manager / Business Analyst offering.

Ruschlikon has been & continues to be the main direction provider for CSRP

In his presentation on CRSP, Tim Pledger said: “The CSRP team have been working very closely with the Ruschlikon community to ensure that the processes developed for CSRP are closely aligned with the Ruschlikon model. We absolutely want to implement ACORD EBOT / ECOT messaging structures and processes as close to Ruschlikon as possible.  We’ve found the complexity of existing London Market infrastructure and processes prevents us from being completely faithful to Ruschlikon, but we have managed to keep the variances to an absolute minimum.”

According to Tim, the first phase for broker inputs are: “Focused on providing facilities for Brokers to submit EBOT / ECOT messages, supporting the principle of making it easier for business to flow into London. The focus on Carrier Facilities in Phase Two will switch to providing ACORD messaging capabilities for Carriers in phase 2 of LM TOM.”

Following on from Tim, Trevor Maddison from ACORD explained the growing important of global data standards. Trevor said: “Organizations are facing challenges to embrace standardization to mitigate risks – existing and emerging. Capability improvements need to be realized across three dimensions – process, organizations, and technology. The value of standards can be viewed through three lenses – efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility.”

The solution? The ACORD Standards Group has been tasked with creating a framework that envisions a digital marketplace with seamless integration of solutions and services that permit straight-though processing and real-time information sharing.

The next topic was new international data protection regulation in the shape of the impending GDPR. The new regulation is based around minimising the data stored for individuals and how long it is held. GDPR comes into force May 25th 2018 and is a common regulation that impacts everyone in the London insurance market. Claims Data could contain Person Identifiable Information (PII) so the discussion moved on to whether the DOCOsoft user community would be interested in a Workshop to discuss GDPR?

DOCOsoft has been attending Seminars and having discussions with GDPR Consultants. We are currently identifying all data in the system that could be classified as PII and categorising this as High, Medium or Low risk data while documenting the support processes that will assist some of the GDPR requirements. We are currently investigating potential features that will assist with GDPR compliance.

A discussion followed on robotics and potential applications in the claims landscape. It was an interesting conclusion to our second user community meeting and a pointer to the future of the market we all work in. There is much to look forward to in 2018, not the least of which will be our third meeting in the summer of 2018.

If you would like to learn more about our User Community and the way of DOCOsoft as we march boldly in 2018, please contact



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