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Axis On-boards Novae Syndicate Claims Users with DOCOsoft CMS

23 March 2018

As part of its integration into AXIS, Novae Syndicate and its Claims teams will be included within the AXIS DOCOsoft Write Back system in a project due for delivery in Q4, 2018.

The integration will significantly ramp up the number of new AXIS claims adjusters. Many of the team will be familiar with the system as Novae went through a comprehensive requirements gathering exercise in 2017, with DOCOsoft to tender for a CMS just prior to the AXIS acquisition.

Although DOCOsoft had already established a firm rapport with Novae’s claims team, which reported great satisfaction with the system’s functionality at the time, it is nevertheless a significant coup for DOCOsoft.

DOCOsoft CEO Aidan O’Neill said: “We are thankful to be given the opportunity to expand the AXIS CMS user base. We anticipate an extremely smooth integration and look forward to welcoming the new CMS users to the DOCOsoft fold.”

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