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DOCOsoft Nominated for an Insurance Nexus Claims Innovation Award

06 April 2018

Insurance Nexus has announced DOCOsoft as a Nominee for a Claims Innovation Award in 2018.

With significant claims transformation initiatives industry wide, the Awards recognize excellence in innovation and execution across the claims process. DOCOsoft has been nominated for Claims Partner of the Year.

This is critical for claims transformation as the need for advanced claims management systems and innovative analytics solutions has been driven by globalized competition, big data, stringent risk and compliance requirements, and new regulations. Many London market claims teams are therefore turning to InsurTech innovations to gain insights, automate processes, enhance performance and provide competitive advantage, which is what the DOCOsoft CMS provides.

The winner will be announced on May 21st at the Awards Ceremony hosted by Insurance Nexus at the leading industry conference, Connected Claims USA (May 21st & 22nd, Sheraton Grand Chicago).

For more information on The Insurance Nexus Awards please click here

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