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  • New approaches can transform efficiency as long as the latest techniques are embraced

    time by Aidan ONeill time Jan 14, 2019
    London market research carried out last year with brokers and underwriters concluded that global messaging and creative approaches to technology rooted in data insights could effectively target key barriers to change.

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  • Impact of Brexit on Insurance Claims

    time by Jonathan McGraw time Dec 20, 2018
    Taking claims clients through the Brexit transition phase has been a complex process, and there are likely to be more challenges ahead, says DOCOsoft’s Jonathan McGraw, writing for Insider Quarterly magazine.

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  • How Technology is Driving Innovation and Enabling London Market Change

    time by Aidan O'Neill time Mar 01, 2018
    DOCOsoft attended the 2018 TINtech London market event held in Holborn on the 6th February whose theme was how technology is driving innovation, enabling change and collapsing the London market value chain. A huge amount of content was produced during the conference and that was just in the opening keynote speeches! Without further do then, I have written up my key take-aways from the opening event presentations.

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  • The Year Ahead, Claims, Technology Innovation, Analytics, GDPR, Brexit and SCAP

    time by Aidan O'Neill time Feb 03, 2018
    As 2018 gets underway, now is time to reflect on the trends that have shaped the insurance sector over the past 12 months and look into our crystal ball to make predictions for the year ahead. Technological innovation is transforming insurance and its claims team processes. I predict this trend will gather speed in the coming year, driving senior insurance leaders to increase resources that will be directed at the exploration of how technology can complement and grow the insurance sector and its claims processes.

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