Sharepoint Solutions

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration tool which can include websites, portals, content management system, wikis, etc. It can play various roles in a business environment.  DOCOsoft has developed different capabilities for SharePoint including an interface to our enterprise DOCOsoft DMS and to our claims management system.

At DOCOsoft, we take your current SharePoint solution and customise it to make it work for you.  We also offer SharePoint plugin solutions that extend SharePoint allowing us to enhance the functionality that is not available out of the box. 

Here are some of our plugins developed for SharePoint:

  • SharePoint Plugin for Outlook.
  • SharePoint Viewer.
  • SharePoint Document Library Customisation.
  • SharePoint Custom Workflow.
  • SharePoint Scanning.

SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 supported.

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