Business Process Management Workflow Technology

DOCOsoft Workflow.NET is a web-based embeddable workflow engine and workflow development framework for application developers. It offers comprehensive workflow development functionality that enables you to effortlessly develop and embed complex workflows in diverse business process applications. 

It has comprehensive business process monitoring functionality, including the ability to send alerts and reminders from workflows through different channels such as email, instant messengers, etc.  It also offers integration to standard communication tools and connectivity with any database. It enables business users and developers to design and deploy BPM workflow applications using software tools with which they are already familiar.

In addition, it has provision to wait for and filter incoming emails and initiate workflow actions based on these. It also has provision to generate reports based on workflow execution details. Typical application examples include online application submission and approval process in areas, such as Slip Approval, Leave Approval, Purchase Approval etc. By building DOCOsoft Workflow.NET into such applications you can save on development time while leveraging its proven capability and ease of use.

Workflow Process Designer

DOCOsoft Workflow.NET has a user-friendly interface with web controls that can be embedded by dragging and dropping on an ASP.NET Web Form and opened in any browser. The Process Designer web control allows you to drag and drop required workflow activities on to a work area and link them to form the workflow. You can also launch other web controls such as WorkItem Lists; to view and act on activities assigned to them; calendars, to track business hours and resource hours; and reports, to configure and view reports.

Workflow Features

Data Integrity processes, checks and parallel processing across multiple divisions

The DOCOsoft Workflow.Net module has many features that allow data integrity processes and checks. Integration activities can be used to integrate workflows with external applications, scripts and databases, COM-Object, Create-Office-Document, Invoke Web Services, Script, Shell, File Operations, Change Workflow Status, and XML Activity. These activities can be used to perform data integrity processes and checks. Parallel processing can be achieved using the workflow activity. The workflow activity allows one workflow to start another child workflow.

Peer Review

Peer review can be easily handled with the DOCOsoft Workflow.Net module. Once an insurance document (e.g. SLIP) has been scanned to the DOCOsoft system it can then be submitted for peer review simply by clicking on the “Submit for Review” button. As the document makes its way through the review process it can be easily viewed at any stage by clicking on a “View Document” link.


One of the key human activities included in the DOCOsoft Workflow.Net module is “Approval”. The result of an “Approval” activity (e.g. Approve or Reject), can be used to determine the next step in a workflow process. Approval activities can also be routed seamlessly via a user’s Microsoft Outlook inbox.

Collaborative capabilities

Inherently the DOCOsoft system is a collaborative tool. It allows users to work together on documents, it comes embedded with a revision control engine, full audit trail and is integrated seamlessly with the Microsoft Office suite of products. Furthermore, our fully documented application programming interface allows integration with Line of Business systems such as underwriting and accounting systems (e.g. Northdoor, Sun Accounts).  The Workflow.Net module allows documents to be routed through workflow processes, thus enhancing the collaborative capabilities of the application.


Escalation and timeout settings can be configured for many workflow activities. These settings allow you to configure a “Timeout Warning” period and also a “Timeout” period. If the “Timeout Warning” period elapses then a reminder is sent to the appropriate users. If the “Timeout” period elapses the workflow engine is notified and further action can be taken.

The system also comes with an embedded escalation wizard. This wizard allows you to configure an escalation email to be automatically sent after a specified period of time.

User decision driven branching

Workflows can be defined using any number of human activities. A human activity represents a user interaction or decision in the workflow process. These human interactions will determine which branch the workflow follows. These activities include: approval, checklist, choice, information, resource set, task and work.

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